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ENIGMA — IT Security Conference

Together with netphase and TELEPORT, MDKK organizes a first-of-its-kind conference for offensive IT security. Germany's best industry experts demonstrate the practical consequences of failed IT security in a fantastic line-up of talks that will have you on the edge of your seat. In the afternoon: Business networking and exhibition.

April, 20

CeBit 2016

netphase CEO Pierre Tempel introduces Invest In Saxony Anhalt's audience to netphase as a company and presents high profile cases and exclusive statistics. The talk included a short live hack using the netphase engine and a discussion of our new improved live feed.

Live Hack @ Foreign Trade Day

We show the 150 attendees how to break into Windows 10's new "Hello" login mechanism (pre-boot privilege escalation) and present one of the most advanced cryptolocker attacks yet which not only encrypts and transmits files from any user, but also infects the microcontroller firmware of connected thumb drives.

ISP Conference "Chances 2016"

netphase was invited to the largest ISP conference in Germany to present current security exploits for Windows, the web and ultimately humans. Highlight: Phishing Windows 10 user passwords while a current anti-virus scanner is active.

We pass

found vulnerabilities per month.

CeBit 2015

A beta version of the netphase engine is presented during a live hacking session. Additionally, we demonstrate how to break the Windows 8.1 user authentication.

Major Press Attention

Over a dozen newspapers report about the first results ever generated by the netphase engine. Initially published at SPIEGEL ONLINE, the article that was meant to raise awareness quickly spread to other news sites such as T-Online, watson, PCGH, WinFuture, PC Magazin, AD HOC NEWS and TopTarif Blog.

netphase goes online


The alpha version of the netphase engine goes online for the first time.