Our ServicesBig Data Hacking.

What We Do

As a netphase customer, we won't just flood you with statistics and data. We assess the relevant risks and create detailed legal and technical action plans. We work with you to streamline your network and security practices.

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Core features of a netphase subscription.

Vast Network

In addition to our own huge database, we pull metadata from all the major streaming APIs.

High Performance

The netphase engine uses complex search terms called "markers" and provides results withing milliseconds.


In higher tiers, you will be able to prioritize searches per country, city and even ISP/IP slash.

Custom Tiers

We are happy to work with you to create unique plans suiting your company.




1. Meet

We asses possible attack vectors in your company and create specific markers.

2. Monitor

Depending on your plan, you'll get security reports regularly and we will always alert you of any emergencies.

3. Improve

We help you improve your security measures, efficiently. We'll also notify you of trending risks.